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Improstor #103

Improstor #103
KC Lab
16.9.2018. u 21h
Ulaz:300 rsd

U okviru stotrećeg izdanja Improstora imaćemo zadovoljstvo da čujemo dva koncerta. U okviru prvog seta predstavićemo projekat Esej o mikrofoniji, koji čine: Igor Čubrilović na rezonatoru, Ivan Čkonjević na električnoj gitari, kao i Igor Štanglicki na no imput mikseti.

Pored njih, po prvi put će se novosadskoj publici predstaviti duo IGNITE iz Švedske, koji čine vokalistkinja Casey Moir i kontrabastista Johan Moir. Dolazak dua Ignite je pomogao Swedish Art Council.

O izvođačima:
Eseji o mikrofoniji je projekat zvučnih diskusija o situaciji o stanju upotrebe mikrofonije kao izvora zvuka za stvaranje nove muzike. Mikrofonija ima svoje mesto u muzičkoj istoriji kao primer "buke" ili neartikulisanog izvora zvuka, "tehničke greške" ali je i vešto korištena kao ravnopravan i legitiman materijal za kompozicije.
Svako od nas ima jedinstven pristup problemu, pogled na situaciju, i i lični zvučni komentar. 

Projekat je nastao u okviru saradnje aktera iza kulturnih organizacija Improstora, ImprovE-a i
BalkanBoy Records-a pod okriljem jedinstvene platforme Labud KUP-a.
Učesnici su:
Igor Čubrilović – resonator, Igor Štanglicki - no input mixeta i Ivan Čkonjević - električna gitara

Casey Moir – Voice, pedals, percussion objects
Johan Moir – Double Bass, objects

A sparkle of sound ignites. Pedals capture, contort and distort. Soundscapes emerge. The bow sings. All things are intricately woven together, captivating space and enticing with intrigue. IGNITE is a meeting of the embellished double bass with the amplified extended voice, steered with careful intent through a web of cables, pedals and objects to construct spontaneous composition.

Ignite released their debut album “Ignition” in January 2018. The duo has toured in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Taiwan and Australia and has done ad-hoc collaborations with musicians such as Burkhard Beins (DE) and dancer Ingo Reulucke (DE).

Casey Moir (AU/SE) 

Casey Moir is an improviser who explores the extended properties of the voice. Intrigued by unconventional sounds and textures, she incorporates these into her music with determination and subtle precision. She combines the acoustic voice with the use of carefully chosen pedals and percussion objects to elongate, layer and/or embellish a piece or improvisation. She is also an avid composer, who interweaves compositional aspects with free improvisation.

As well as having performed at festivals and venues throughout Europe and Australia, such as Umeå Jazz Festival (SE), Bennetts Lane (AU), Fasching Jazz Club (SE), Nasjonal Jazzscene (NO), Horns Erben (DE), Alchemia (PL), Tricollectif Festival (FR) and GMLSTN Jazz Festival (SE), she was awarded the prestigious title of Young Nordic Jazz Comets in 2013, has had a 5-page-feature in Sweden’s oldest and most respected jazz magazine Orkester Journalen, has collaborated with the Gothenburg Dance Company, performed live on Swedish National Radio, has received many a rave review for both live and recorded works and works regularly with a variety of musicians from all over the world, amongst other things.

She has appeared on others records and has released several albums of her own, including the self-titled duo-album ‘MOCO’, the EP ‘Presents…..’ and full length album ‘Shout Until Our Lungs are Blue’ with alternative pop duo Mother Jack, ‘Live at Alchemia’ and ‘Transitions’ with AU/SE quintet SVELIA, and ‘Rabbit Hole’ with Casey Moir Band.

After many years in both Gothenburg, Berlin and Melbourne, she is now based in Stockholm, delving deeper into free improvisation and crossover projects between improvised music, new contemporary music, dance and live visual art. 

Johan Moir (SE)

Johan Moir graduated with his Bachelor of Improvisation at the Academy of Music and Drama, in Gothenburg, Sweden 2011.

After a couple of years in Berlin and Melbourne, Johan is now based in Stockholm dwelling deeper into his solo project where he explores acoustic improvisation on the double bass, focusing on extended techniques, preparations, Just Intonation and psychoacoustic phenomens.

Other main projects for the moment includes his duo IGNITE (with vocalist Casey Moir) as well as a duo with the Portuguese Cello player Guilherme Rodrigues

Johan also participates in several Ad-hoc projects with different musicians, dancers and artists. Among others, Johan has been collaborating with Burkhard Beins (DE), Franz Hautzinger, Emilio Gordoa (MX/DE), Brad Henkel(DE/US), Guillherme Rodrigues(POR/DE), Nicola Hein(DE), Reuben Lewis(AUS) and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (TW).

Johan has also toured with various groups in Scandinavia, Australia, Estonia, Poland, Austria, Hungary , Taiwan and Palestine.

Previous projects that Johan has been the composer and bandleader for includes his own quintet called The Johan Moir Ensemble, the Swedish / Australian quintet SVELIA, as well as the alternative pop duo Mother Jack. Johan has released several albums with different projects, such as “transitions” with SVELIA (2015) and “Chasing Shadows” with Johan Moir Ensemble (2015)

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